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Bio-Residualâ„¢ Oil

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A co-product of the bio diesel refining process, Renewable Energy Group (REG) Bio-Residual™ Oil offers exceptional BTU performance when burned for heat, power generation or other industrial uses. Whether used as a straight replacement for fuel oil, sprayed onto a traditional fuel source or blended with conventional heating oils, REG Bio-Residual™ Oil provides higher energy density than coal or wood-fiber material while reducing emissions. REG Bio-Residual™ Oil is an exceptional and renewable alternative to fuel oil, coal, natural gas and even other biomass fuel sources.

  • About

Made by Renewable Energy Group (REG) in Ames, IA, Bio-Residual Oil is the biodiesel equivalent of No. 5 oil in viscosity, composed of the heavy hydrocarbons left over when they refine biodiesel. REG is the largest supplier of biodiesel in the United States, producing it from agricultural waste, animal fats, and recycled cooking oil.

After all the lighter vegetable/animal biofuel oils are distilled out in the refining process, the "bottoms" or "residual oils" are left over as a waste product. Because of its viscosity similarities with No. 5 oil, Preferred has resurrected some of its traditional and time-tested rotary cup combustion and fuel handling technology to burn this residual oil at a very low 160° F. This produces very clean, high efficiency combustion.

Bio-Residual Oil can be used in existing oil firing systems with simple burner and fuel handling system retrofits.

Preferred has developed the technology to burn a renewable waste fuel that has 85% lower carbon emissions than typical fossil fuels. This fuel has the potential to reduce carbon emissions in the United States by thousands of tons per year.

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  • Quick Facts
  • Better BTU performance
  • Cleaner burning than coal or wood pellets
  • 100% Renewable
  • Eligible for Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and RINs
  • Ideal consumer is an entity that burns No. 4 or 6 oil at a locked-in price. Another ideal user burns No. 2 oil but maintains a tank that can heat and circulate the Bio Residual™ Oil. 
  • To be even more environmentally conservative, burn Bio-Residual™ Oil at lower temperatures.
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