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Application | Features and Benefits | Specifications

The VoluValve utilizes a custom and proprietary drilled hole pattern inside the valve that allows the valve to repeatedly and accurately match the optimal efficiency flow rate and fuel-air ratio characteristics for any burner.

  • Application

Fuels - #2-#6 Oil, Specialty fuels and models available upon request.

Fired Equipment Utilized – fuel oil burners

Capacities – 20 gph to 600 gph

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  • Features and Benefits

The VoluValve utilizes a proprietary valve design that incorporates a plurality of holes. The number of holes, size, and sequence offer unlimited possibilities in terms of characterizing the valve for linear, equal percentage, etc...type flow.

Utilizes a 90 degree stroke with variable holes based on application requirements along the valve travel path.

Minimizes oversizing challenges due to precise selection of valve hole sizes for each application.


Lower hysteresis than what is typically found in characterized ball valves.


Comes standard with a dial indicator and valve position indication on the exterior surface of the valve.

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  • Specifications

Capacity – 20 gph to 600 gph

Temperature – 40F to 250F

Actuator – comes with Preferred SM or UM actuator

Pipe size – ½” NPT standard. Other sizes available upon request

Pressure rating – 300 psig

Dimensional information – Consult factory

Valve Flow Coefficients (Cv) – Consult factory

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