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FlexFit Linkageless Controller

Applications | Features & Benefits | How-to videos

The FlexFit solution is a cost effective, installation friendly retrofit from jackshaft (linkage) to modern parallel positioning (linkageless) controls in your boiler room. 

Up-to-date technology with O2 Trim, FD VSD, Firing Rate, Draft control adjustment and remote monitoring options makes energy waste, emergency service, and costly fixes a thing of the past. 

  • Simple to install, directly mounts in Honeywell 7800 and Fireye E-110 flame safeguard wiring bases
  • Easy to operate user interface and quick commissioning set up
  • Increased burner efficiency and decreased electrical cost

  • Applications

FlexFit is designed to control single burner firetube boilers. Leveraging the industry leading BMU platform, FlexFit can be used in new installations OR be easily retrofitted into existing jackshaft control panels that use supported common flame safeguards.

Fuel savings are accomplished with the included parallel positioning with optional oxygen trim logic and an integral O2 cell interface. Electricity savings are provided included FD Fan Variable Speed Drive logic and interface.

In addition to flame safeguard and combustion control, the FlexFit also includes draft control logic and interface.

The FlexFit communicates to Building Automation Systems by RS485 Modbus or optional Ethernet.

Because it is microprocessor based, pre-engineered, and UL listed FlexFit is an economical alternative and safer alternative to more expensive PLC-based boiler controllers. The parts are in stock for immediate delivery and require no programming.

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  • Features & Benefits
  • Installation, electrical, and fuel savings
  • Greater efficiency
  • Firing Rate control
  • FD fan VFD control
  • O2 trim control
  • Draft control
  • FlexFit-110, FlexFit-85, and FlexFit-78 are all UL approved for U.S. and Canada.
  • BMU-SM-xx Servo Actuators (3, 15, and 37 ft-lb) are all UL Approved for US and Canada.
  • QD1 servo Quick Disconnect cabling is IT-ER Exposed Run UL Approved for US and Canada.
  • Flame Scanners BMU-UV, BMU-UVSC (self-check), and BMU-IR are all UL Approved for US and Canada.
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  • How-to videos

Visit our YouTube Channel for installation instruction!

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