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Preferred Fuel Oil System Specification Configurator

This configurator covers diesel fuel oil systems for single or multiple generators. You will be asked a series of questions that will help us configure the system. Recommended line sizes, pump, and strainer selections will be made. You will have the opportunity to make changes to these selections and see the system response in terms of pump discharge and suction pressures. When you are satisfied with the selections, the configurator will output a sample Preferred fuel oil specification for the system that is compliant with national fuel oil storage and handling codes. Some areas of the U.S. have more restrictive local fuel handling codes. For projects in New York City, contact John Haber at jfhaber@acs-ny.com. He will assist with a design and specification compliant with the latest NYC codes and practices. You can always call and talk to an engineer experienced with fuel handling systems at Preferred's main number 203-743-6741.

How many generators are in this system?
Are day tanks required for the generators?
How many main storage tanks are in this system?
What motor voltage is available to the system?
Specify an automatic fuel filtration system?

Automatic fuel oil filtration is recommended for emergency diesel generators and dual-fuel boilers that do not fire on oil enough each month to keep their fuel fresh.

Choose your pump

Select your pumpset. We recommend allowing a safety factor of 3.


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