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Boiler EnergySaver Payback Analysis

Boiler / Burner Data:
Boiler Output: Burner does not fire: days/yr
Fuel Type: Fuel Cost: ( $ / 1000 scf )
FD Fan Damper Type: Electricity Cost: (cents / kWh)
O2 Measurement:

Existing: Full Speed FD Fan Motor

Proposed: VSD FD Fan Motor
FD Fan Motor Hp Rating: FD Fan Motor Hp Rating
Motor manufactured: Motor manufactured
Typical motor efficiency: 93.6 93.6 Typical motor efficiency
Full Load Motor Efficiency: Full Load Motor Efficiency
% of Motor Full Load Amps @ 100% Firing rate: (80-100% typ) VFD Full Load Efficiency (97-98% typ)
Firing Rate (%): 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Total
Boiler Output:
% of Firing hours at this Output: 100%
Firing Hours at this Boiler Output:
Existing Stack Oxygen:
Proposed Stack Oxygen:
Existing Stack Temperature: (F)
Projected Stack Temperature: (F)
Existing Combustion Efficiency: (%)
Projected Combustion Efficiency: (%)
Existing Fuel Usage: (kscf)
Projected Fuel Usage: (kscf)
Existing kWh Usage: (kwh)
Projected kWh Usage: (kwh)
Avg Annual Boiler Output: (fuel savings based) CO2 reduction: (tons/yr)
Existing - Projected = Savings Total Savings/Year:
Annual Fuel Cost: =
Annual Fan Electricity Cost:
Total Cost:   ($)
Utility Rebate:   ($)
Cost (less rebate):   (%)
Simple Payback:   (years)
Simple ROI:   (%)

Detailed Boiler Energy Savings Calculations - show/hide

The results generated with this calculator are estimates and are based off of typical performance. As actual performance can vary with jobsite conditions not taken into account with this calculator, guarantees can only be made when contacting a sales engineer for an application evaluation.

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Example energy saver calculation for a low NOx application with a maximum of 2.0” W.C. of furnace pressure

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