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Waste Fuel Burners


W. N. Best Combustion Equipment specializes in rugged and reliable register burners, capable of atomizing and burning nearly any fuel or waste. The W. N. Best family of burners brings a rugged solution to the register burner market. Preferred brings to each problem not only technical proficiency but also the benefits of over 90 years of experience devoted to the design, fabrication, installation, and servicing of literally tens of thousands of industrial combustion systems. These systems burn almost any variety of gaseous or liquid fuels and wastes. Additionally, we can provide everything from the combustion air and fuel handling systems to the flame safegaurd and combustion control systems. Many industrial users are faced with environmental regulations regarding their factory's discharge levels. Preferred Utilities has been able to use its years of experience and perfected burner designs to provide cost-effective solutions.

Molten Sulfur Atomizer
Molten Sulfur Waste Fuel Application - Atomizer breaks this liquid into microscopic droplets which burn in suspension in a refractory lined furnace.

Refinery Acid Sludge Atomizer
Refinery Waste Fuel Application - Utilizes centrifugal force combined with a blast of compressed air to break the sludge into a mist of minute droplets which is blown into a refractory lined furnace.

Sewage Plant Atomizer
Sewage Plant Waste Fuel Application - Automatically functions to pump, preheat and meter the flow of the waste to the atomizer and to deliver supplementary fuel if and as it may be required. A Preferred Instruments control system, complete with first-out annunciation display and optional SCADA automatically programs the operation and provides constant safety monitoring.