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Transmitters and Sensors

Transmitters and Sensors

Draft Range Transmitter Assembly
Model JC-22XMTR, Draft Transmitter with Low Draft Cutout Switch - Field mountable boiler draft range transmitter and independent high pressure cut-out switch with 5 second time delay relay.

In-Situ Oxygen Sensor
Model ZP In-Situ Oxygen Analyzer - Detector consists of a zirconium oxide cell, a ceramic heater with thermocouple, terminals for connecting to the controller unit, a flange for connection to the probe, opening to accept reference (ambient) air and a connection for calibration gas. The probe is a stainless steel assembly that mounts on a 3" 125 lb flange (flat face) located on the flue gas duct or stack. Available in our factory, Danbury Connecticut (CT).

Shaft Position Sensor
Model SPS, Shaft Position Sensor - General purpose feedback pot for applications that require firing rate feedback as a basis for establishing setpoints for other control loops such as Oxygen Trim or FGR Flow.

Steam Pressure Transmitter
Pressure Transmitter with Steam Siphon Loop - Specifically designed for industrial applications and typical industrial grade environments. Standard features are tailored for applications involving extreme environmental conditions and those that require more stringent performance needs.