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Monitoring Systems

Draft Damper Assembly
Model E-Link, Draft Damper Assembly - Pre-mounts a Model SM-15 servo actuator and JC-22XMTR Draft Range Transmitter Assembly. Only a stack draft connection is required.

JC-10D Digital Process Monitor
Model JC-10D, Process Bar Graph Indicator and Alarm Monitor - Microprocessor based indicator alarm that can be field configured for a wide variety of applications. The instrument provides a highly visible backlit LCD display with easy to understand bar graph, scaled numeric display, and front panel alarm messages.

JC-15D Flue Gas Temperature Monitor
Model JC-15D, Flue Gas Temperature Monitor - Microprocessor based indicating instrument with a heavy duty Thermocouple Assembly. Flue gas temperature is continuously displayed using a highly visible backlit LCD display. An intuitive bar graph display and alarm messages provide clear stack temperature status.

JC-22D Draft Controller
Model JC-22D, Draft Monitor and Controller - Microprocessor based draft controller, indicating instrument, and alarm monitor. The JC-22D directly accepts a 4-20 mADC draft transmitter signal, 120 VAC flame safeguard interface, and outputs a solid state switching (Triac) or 4-20 mADC outlet damper actuator control signal.

Preferred CDR Draft Control System with Linear Actuator JC22-PL2-1006
JC22-PL2-1006 is a linear actuator with an integral microprocessor-based draft controller.

Preferred Cloud Remote Monitoring Platform
Three levels of secure remote monitoring, with alerts and updates to your mobile phone or computer.

Smoke Opacity Monitoring System JC-30D-EZ
Model JC-30D-EZ, Smoke Opacity Monitoring System - Microprocessor-based indicating instrument with a smoke duct mounted optical sensing assembly. The system provides a continuous opacity readout, alarm indication, and shutdown capability.