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FlexFit Linkageless Controller
The FlexFit solution is a less costly, less time-consuming retrofit from jackshaft (linkage) to modern parallel positioning (linkageless) controls in your boiler room. Up-to-date technology with automatic adjustment and remote monitoring options make energy waste, emergency service and costly fixes a thing of the past.

PCC-III Digital Loop Controller
Model PCC-III, Multiple Loop Controller - Large I/O quantity, integral oxygen sensor, highly visible front panel, intuitive “Blockware”, redundant memories, 4-20 mADC input and outputs, 120 VAC discrete contact inputs, isolated relay outputs, 24 VDC transmitter power supply, the ability to control electric positioners directly and built-in industry standard communications allows the PCC-III to be integrated into complex systems with a minimum number of external components.

PCC-IV Digital Loop Controller
The PCC-IV is a complete control solution for individual boilers or multiple control loops. This upgraded version can do everything the PCC-III did, and more.

Plant Wide Controller (PWC)
Model PWC, Plant Wide Controller - Standard applications for boiler modulating lead/lag, cooling towers and air compressors can be expanded to include additional monitoring or control additional pumps, variable speed drives and valves.

Viscosity Trim Controller
The Viscosity Controller solution monitors the mass flow rate of the fluid going to the burner and adjusts the heater automatically to control viscosity based on the fuel-air requirements of the burner.