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Control Systems


Key Features

  • Systems Include Combustion, Feedwater, and Monitoring Control Functions
  • Modulating Lead / Lag Systems
  • Provides Both Fuel and Electrical Savings

BurnerMate Programmable Logic Controller (BMPLC)
Ready to Ship | Parameter-Based Set Up | Integrates with Your Equipment

BurnerMate TS Boiler Control System
Custom-programmable boiler control and flame safeguard system that includes one or two DCS-III loop controllers and a flame safeguard microprocessor communicating via Modbus with a 10” or 15” OIT touch screen.

BurnerMate Universal Boiler Control System

Complete boiler control in an economical, off-the-shelf, pre-programmed controller. Separate processors are used for flame safeguard and combustion control for NFPA 85 compliance. Configuration is done in the field using the LCD touch pad, the optional touch screen, or our exclusive BMU_Edit software running on your PC. The BurnerMate Universal is available for immediate delivery, requires no programming, and is U.L. recognized.

BurnerMate Universal Industrial
Our U.L. recognized and FM Approved expanded system offers complete fully metered boiler control in an economical, off-the-shelf, pre-programmed controller. Separate processors are used for flame safeguard and combustion control providing NFPA 85 compliance.

BurnerMate Universal: BMU-Edit
Software that runs on your Windows-based PC and allows you to set the parameters of the BurnerMate Universal from your laptop. Communication between the BMU and your PC is done via a standard USB A/B (printer) cable.

Chief Dispatcher Boiler Plant Master Control System
Chief Dispatcher Modulating Lead Lag Control System - Off-the-shelf, standard modulating lead/lag applications can be expanded to control circulating water variable speed pumps and isolation valves while monitoring the flame safeguard and boiler control systems

Feedwater Center Control System
Feedwater Center, Boiler Feedwater Controller - Designed to control the surge tank, Deaerator (DA) tank, transfer pumps, and feedwater pumps (on-off or VSD) to improve water quality and feedwater system reliability.

Hawk Replacement System

CB Hawk Replacement System - Designed to be an easy replacement for obsolete Cleaver-Brooks Hawk systems, also sold by Honeywell as the BCS-7700. The Hawk Replacement System consists of a panel insert that fits in the existing Hawk enclosure, a pre-programmed 10" color touch screen, a replacement jackshaft servo, and an IR or UV scanner.

The JC-22-HDPCO-8 is a draft range differential pressure switchwith red warning light and time delayed cutout relay contacts.

SCADA/Flex Distributed Control System
Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition System - Designed to provide remote operation, graphic display of information, alarm message display, report generation, historical trending and remote controller tuning.

UtilitySaver Boiler Retrofit Controller
UtilitySaver Fuel and Electricity Saving Controller - Designed to minimize total energy consumption of a burner (both fuel and electricity usage). UtilitySaver combines the fuel savings of an Oxygen trim system with the electrical kWh savings of a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) FD fan.