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Seals and Covers

Key Features

  • Easy To Install
  • No RTV Type Sealants
  • No Post Use Cleanup
  • Reliable Sealing Time After Time
  • Reusable Seal

Product Examples

  • Sand Box Covers With "Quik-Bolts"
  • NI Box Covers With "Quik-Bolts"
  • Inspection Hatch Covers
  • ERCD Covers With "Quik-Bolts"
  • Ex Core And Blow Out Covers: These, and the several type of covers listed above, use an engineered gasket system in conjunction with our Quik-Lok® Cam Bolts or Nuts. The system can be designed around existing Covers to reduce costs. The System results in a fast, reliable, and leak-tight installation for traditionally troublesome leak paths
  • Fuel Transfer Tube Closure Systems: This design uses Preferred Engineering's unique Quik-Lok® Toggle Bolt. These high-strength quick-throw cam fasteners are coupled with an engineered dual gasket system. Together, the Closure System replaces the standard 20-24 bolts with 4 Toggles. The completed system can be leaktested between the seals to assure proper installation. The result is a dramatically reduced Fuel Transfer Cover installaton time with reduced dose.

Cavity Seals
Cavity Seal System - In addition to increased sealing effectiveness, the Seal System offers a reusable seal, reduced installation time and dose, and reduced radwaste costs.

Segmented Temp Head
We specifically designed and fabricated this product to facilitate use of TRPV Cover for stations with constricted access.

Vessel Covers
Seals And Covers