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Preferred Engineering has developed a well respected reputation for the design and manufacture of all types of plugs. The demands for today's shorter outages sometimes require a different approach to a problem. The incentive for use of a plug varies with the circumstances and we can assist in evaluating your specific conditions. Here are a few examples:

  • Main Steam Line Plugs
  • RPV Drain Valve Plug
  • Cooling Water Suction Plug
  • Jet Pump Nozzle Plugs
  • CDR Return Nozzle Plug
  • Stud Hole Plugs
  • Suction Strainer Isolation Cover
  • Hot/Cold Leg Loop Plugs
  • Torus Drain Plug
  • Emergency Condenser Line Plug
  • Recirc Suction Plug
  • Water Storage Tank Isolation Plugs
  • Check Valve Isolation & Test Plug
  • MSIV Containment Separation Plug

Main Steam Line Plugs
MSL Plugs - Installed in pairs and can be installed using a rigid pole system or lift slings.

PWR Hot / Cold Leg Loop Plugs
PWR Loop Plugs - Normally used during the performance of nozzle inspections.