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Custom Engineering

Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation was founded in 1920 by oil heating engineers who foresaw the demand for high quality oil burning applications. This service was immediately accepted and its continued success confirms our customer satisfaction. To this day, the work of responding to the requirements of commercial, institutional, and industrial plants continues. Preferred engineers are designing equipment for use during nuclear power plant outages, emergency diesel generator fuel transfer pump sets and instrumentation, and complete combustion systems for hot water and steam generating plants.

Single Source Responsibility

Incorporating a total systems approach to fuel management, each job is treated as a unique design project. Pumps are chosen to meet required flow and pressure criteria for the fuels being pumped. A control strategy is chosen to provide the desired degree of automation while assuring the highest levels of reliability. Monitoring and alarm points are selected to alert operations staff of any change in status. By combining pumps, day tanks, controls, level and leak monitoring into a single package, an optimized system with single source responsibility is assured.


Preferred occupies a position of acknowledged leadership in the manufacture of fuel oil transfer systems for boilers and emergency diesel generators. The Automatic Fuel Oil Transfer Pump Set (ATPS) for the first time puts in place a self checking fuel system. Preferred recognizes that these systems are often ignored. The ATPS is designed to ensure that the emergency backup systems will have a reliable source of fuel oil when needed.

At Preferred, we accept the fact that no two jobs are ever exactly alike. We boast a fully staffed engineering department ready to work on your project and provide custom drawings, panel wiring drawings, sequence of operations, SAMA drawings, and O & M manuals.


Combustion Control Systems

We custom engineer all of our combustion control systems based on the requirements of customers, municipalities, engineers and regulatory agencies. We provide a sole source of integrated site evaluation, specifications engineering, manufacturing, testing and field supervision where combustion controls are to be used.

Wastewater Treatment

We have a proven track record in providing full-featured control systems which are in use today in wastewater treatment facilities in the New York area. These systems acquire data from various control networks in the facility and return the value to a personal computer running Intellution® software. The screens display a visual portrayal of the process equipment with the device status or process value.

Custom Panel

Process Control Systems

We have engineered and manufactured control systems for paper mills, electrostatic spray finishing, refrigeration, nuclear power plant fuel transfer, power co-generation systems and other non combustion projects. Our engineers have continuously proven their talent and personal commitments to excellence in the controls engineering discipline.

Our engineering department uses state-of-the-art engineering tools to streamline the engineering process. Complex systems can now be engineered more quickly, providing you with lower costs, faster response and a custom engineered solution.


Behind every successful system implementation stands Preferred’s highly trained staff of service technicians. We offer expert field service for both the commissioning of new systems and the routine maintenance of existing control systems. In addition to our staff of field service engineers, our factory authorized Representative Companies maintain service departments to provide prompt local service. When it comes to technical support for our SCADA/Flex™ systems, Preferred provides modem support, linking directly with your system from our factory in Danbury, CT. This arrangement can provide substantial time and cost savings. Combustion systems, like any precision process, can only operate at peak efficiency when all control systems are properly commissioned and then maintained and calibrated on a regular basis. Regularly scheduled service from Preferred can help achieve optimum performance, reducing wasted fuel and maintenance dollars. Quality service is never far away.

Continuous Field Service Engineer Training

Preferred Services is continuously training new field service engineers and customers as well as retraining existing field service engineers on new products. Refer to our product training page for the date and time of upcoming monthly training sessions. Additional training programs are regularly conducted as our systems are commissioned and local group trainings can be organized upon request. In order to maximize the benefit of our products and services, we are committed to a process of continuous training.